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There’s no question about it, videos increase conversion rate. According to Google, 11% of online customers make an immediate purchase after watching a video, and 54% followed up on what they saw. With the ever changing landscape of website optimization and content marketing, it’s vital to provide your visitors with useful, engaging content.

Now more than ever, video production has become a vital tool to help you engage visitors on your site, shape your identity, develop trust with your audience, and of course, position yourself as a leader within your industry.

At E-Professionals, we work directly with you to develop a strong video plan for your business. Whatever your video needs, E-Professionals can help!

Animated Explainer Videos

Our 30-90 second animated explainer videos build a customized story about your business by illustrating your brand in a highly stylized fashion. From conception to implementation, our team acts as your conduit by working with you through storyboarding and drafting. We want to make it known that you’re the best in your industry, and that goal is easily reached with these short informational videos!

Live Videography

Conversely, our live video packages create living, engaging video of your workplace, employees, or clients. Our skilled videographers accommodate even the busiest of businesses by shooting and editing video that puts a face behind your brand, providing numerous search engine benefits that speak to what people are searching for. Videos are a great way to dominate SERPs!

We shoot HD footage at any location, and work with you hand in hand to plan everything from scripting and execution. These videos come complete with customized graphics, titles, and maintain their high definition resolution on any platform.

Video Solutions

We offer video advertising and pre-roll, video sitemaps to increase your exposure in search engines, and can distribute your content to develop a strong video presence for your business online. If you’re interested in hearing exactly how videos can help you become an influencer in your industry, contact TechWyse Internet Marketing today and take your business to the top!

Frequent Questions

Will videos help my SEO?

Definitely! Your videos will appear in video platforms like YouTube as well as SERPs (search engine results pages) through optimized titles, descriptions and tags. You can also improve the SEO of your videos by transcribing them, which will increase their amount of searchable text.

How will video get me more leads?

Videos are a great way to get attention from your clientele! They get your message across fast, are easily sharable on social platforms, and are an easy way to gain interest from potential clients. Giving people the easy opportunity to learn about your brand with a simple click of a play button is an easy and effective way to generate leads.

How can I promote my videos?

The easiest way to promote your videos is to pair your efforts with social media. By posting your videos on your various social platforms for your followers to see, and by promoting your videos on mediums like Facebook, you’ll be getting instant attention to your easily sharable media!

Do I have to appear in my video?

Nope! If you and your staff prefer to stay off-screen, we can create animated explainer videos that will still remain in line with your brand’s image. Whether you’re looking to showcase your employees, show off your storefront, or simply get your message across while keeping your anonymity, we have options available for you!

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