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Video creation is now more important than ever in helping you engage visitors on your site,
define your brand, build trust with your audience, and, of course, position yourself as
an industry leader. At E-Professionals, we collaborate with you to create a solid video
plan for your company. E-Professionals can assist you with all of your video needs!
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There is no doubt about it: videos boost conversion rates. According to Google, 11% of internet shoppers make an immediate purchase after seeing a video, and 54% act on what they see. With the ever-changing world of website optimization and content marketing,
it's critical to deliver relevant, interesting material to your visitors.


Animated Explainer Videos

By portraying your brand in a highly stylized manner, our 30-90 second animated explainer movies create a personalized tale about your firm.

From idea to implementation, our team serves as your go-between, collaborating with you on storyboarding and writing. We want people to know you're the greatest in your field, and these short educational movies can help you get there.

Live Videography

Our live video packages, on the other hand, generate living, entertaining footage of your business, workers, or clients. Our expert videographers accommodate even the busiest of organizations by filming and editing video that lends a face to your company while also delivering various search engine benefits that speak to what consumers are searching for. Videos are an excellent method to dominate search engine results pages! We capture HD footage in any location and collaborate with you to prepare everything from the screenplay to execution. These films have customizable visuals and titles and are available in high-definition resolution on any platform.

Video Solutions

We provide video advertising and pre-roll, video sitemaps to enhance your exposure in search engines, and can distribute your content to help your business build a strong video presence online. If you want to learn more about how videos may help you become an industry influencer, call E-Professionals Marketing now and take your business to the next level!

Frequent Questions:
Will videos help my SEO?

Definitely! Through proper titles, descriptions, and tags, your videos will show on video sites such as YouTube as well as SERPs (search engine results pages). You may also boost the SEO of your films by transcribing them, which increases the quantity of text that can be found.

How will video get me more leads?

Videos are an excellent method to capture the attention of your target audience! They get your point through quickly, are readily shared on social media, and are a simple method to pique the curiosity of new clients.

Giving consumers the chance to learn about your business with a single click of a play button is a simple and efficient method to create leads.

How can I promote my videos?

Combining your efforts with social media is the simplest method to promote your films.

You'll receive quick attention to your readily shareable material by publishing your videos on your different social networks for your fans to watch,
and by advertising your videos on channels like Facebook!

Do I have to appear in my video?

Nope! If you and your team want to remain off-screen, we can produce animated explainer films that are still consistent with the image of your company. We offer alternatives for you whether you want to highlight your workers, show off your shop, or just get your message through while being anonymous!

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