Marketing Automation

It is the use of software to automate your marketing operations at various
stages of the marketing funnel. Many marketing teams utilize automation
for repetitive activities such as email marketing, social media publishing,
and online advertising campaigns. Automating these processes may boost
productivity while also providing a more customized experience, allowing
you to nurture leads and turn them into satisfied customers!
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Do you want to do tasks in less time, save resources, and boost revenue?
Would you like to generate fresh, quality leads?
What is the solution?
Marketing automation is the process of automating marketing.


Why You Need Marketing Automation

Marketing automation enables you to find, track, and engage prospects online. You can track the income contribution of each marketing campaign you run, helping you to better manage your budget.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation may have a big influence on organizations of all sizes, particularly small businesses seeking ways to save time and money.

Marketing Automation Services

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is essential for every organization, whether it is a startup or a huge corporation.

To welcome campaigns to regular email newsletters with industry-leading deliverability, we may create a series of drip campaigns. Get a suite of email automation campaigns to make sure you're sending the appropriate email at the right time.

Broadcasted Emails

In an instant, send a one-time email broadcast to your target audience. This is ideal for announcements and special deals.

Targeted Emails

Category your consumers and prospects based on data and behavior, and then deliver tailored messaging to each target segment. This is ideal for reminders and follow-ups.

Email Autoresponders

Send emails to clients and prospects based on particular interaction touch-points in real-time. Ideal for when you have a new customer or when a form is filled up.

Automated Blog Digest

Using automatic blog digests, you can ensure that your blogs reach the proper audience. This is ideal for re-engaging your audience.

Triggered Emails

When a consumer completes a certain activity or enters information on your website, triggered emails are delivered. This is an excellent approach to reclaim customers who abandoned their shopping carts.

Email Funnel

Send automated emails to nurture your prospects and move them with ease and precision through your sales funnel. This is a great method to send out limited-time offers.

Scheduled Emails

Increase client loyalty by delivering personalized messages on important days. Schedule emails ahead of time so that you never forget to tell your customers a happy birthday or anniversary. A wonderful way to demonstrate your concern!

Drip Emails

Sending timely and highly relevant emails allows you to effortlessly cross-sell or up-sell to your clients.  Drip email campaigns are an excellent
method to keep up with your customers' shifting preferences. This assures that you will never lose a client to a rival.

SMS Automation

You may reach out to your consumers in a timely and effective manner by using automated text messages.

Text messaging is a dependable and cost-effective method of interacting directly with customers. You may improve customer experience by generating and scheduling a message to be sent to a specific target via SMS automation.

Text Autoresponders

With customized text messages, you can reply to your prospects and consumers right away. Ideal for informing them that you have received their details' or that their shipment is on its way.'

Follow-up via SMS

Synchronized SMS notifications can be used in conjunction with your automated email. That way, you may simultaneously send a 'Thank You!' SMS to your new lead and a 'you received a new lead' message to your salesperson.

SMS Drip Campaign

To keep your clients engaged with your business over time, create a sequence of automatic yet highly customized messages.

Personalized Text Messages

Important occasions should be celebrated. Pre-plan unique SMS messages for a variety of life occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

SMS Marketing

To convince prospects to make a purchase, send scheduled text messages including notifications, promotional discounts, and special offers.

Subscription Management via SMS

Make it simple for your consumers to 'STOP' or 'UNSUBSCRIBE' at any moment by sending a simple text message. Your clients will be less inclined to classify your emails as 'Spam' this way.

Website Message Automation

Inform and direct your website visitors when they are most engaged and ready to make a purchase. Website messaging is an excellent approach to provide your website visitors with timely, informative, and specialized updates like promotions, announcements, and discounts.

Visitor Targeting

Show tailored messaging to your website visitors depending on their interests, site history, and the page they are on.

CTA funnels

Display relevant messaging on numerous pages around your website to guide your prospects through their purchasing process.

Human Touch

Personalize messages for returning customers to add a human touch and boost conversion.

Lead Quality Automation

Identifying quality leads that convert is one of the most difficult marketing tasks. Our lead rating method compares the perceived worth of your leads to a scale.
It then awards a score to them depending on their unique behaviors. The automatic lead scoring algorithm re-adjusts the lead score based on their level of website interaction. This tells you whether a lead you obtained last month is still interested in your product or service.

Automate Your Lead Funnel

With triggered site messaging depending on the lead score, you can quickly move your leads through the conversion funnel.

Organize and Prioritize Leads

Receive notifications when the lead score reaches a certain level, so your sales staff knows who to approach first.

Customize Your Lead Scores

Someone who read your blog last week may be a more qualified lead than someone who purchased your ebook last month. Set up a lead scoring and qualifying system that detects various online behaviors, so you can be sure of the quality of your leads at all times.

E-Professionals Brand Experience Automation

Building consumer loyalty in a market crowded with so many companies is more difficult than ever. An intelligent option is to use an E-Professionals marketing and communications plan to automate your customers' brand experience.

This implies that your consumer is always engaged with your brand via his mobile phone or laptop.

Would you like to learn how all of this can come together for your business?
Marketing Automation: The E-Professionals Way

Given the diverse range of customers and sectors we have serviced for over two decades, we have established a thorough grasp of our client's requirements and aspirations in a variety of industries. This means that when you come to us with a marketing problem, we already have the marketing tools and experience to provide you an effective solution.

Our professional team meticulously crafts messages to suit your business objectives while also ensuring that your customers and prospects are served at the best possible moment, every time.

Rather than simply gathering data, we use marketing automation technologies to continually monitor the progress of campaigns. This information is used to refine and build future marketing tactics.

We track which leads reply to each campaign, while our research team develops fresh ways to reach out to those prospects who aren't responding. Discuss your choices with our solutions team to identify a marketing automation strategy that works for you. Our team of specialists develops tailored plans for each customer, so you can be confident that your approach is unique to your company.

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