The sole purpose of our PPC optimization service is to ensure minimal waste on your PPC
advertising account. Precisely research the most effective search term combination.
Comprehensive monitoring, measurement and continuous improvement activities.
Provide your business with everything it needs, and actually provide conditions
in your PPC account to increase your chances of successful digital marketing activities.

Google Ads Management

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Convert your Google Ads traffic into real-world sales!
Effective Google Ads Go A Long Way

Google Ads, when supported by the appropriate management, messaging, targeting, and strategy, maybe your most valuable asset in converting click-through traffic into customers. PPC is an essential tool for every business, large or small – if your consumers choose your competitors over you, you don’t exist in their thoughts. While PPC campaigns can be costly, investing time and effort into Google Ads management yields a higher return on investment (ROI), thus saving you money in the long run. With over 3 years of experience handling 10 million dollars in Google Ads accounts and campaigns, we can assure you that PPC campaigns are a really effective tool for any business wanting to dramatically expand its sales. What’s the catch? Getting every Google Ads campaign exactly right requires a planned approach. Sure, you could go with Google’s default choices. However, these are designed to produce clicks rather than conversions, which is why many business owners believe PPC isn’t worth it. That is when a solid partner agency that specializes in PPC Management comes in.

Why should you select us above any other Google Ads Management Company?

Most importantly, we concentrate on what is important to your business. Do you want more people to see a specific product or service? Or perhaps you want to improve your brand’s image? Or are you getting a lot of traffic to your website but not enough conversions? Whatever the reason for wanting to improve (or even set up) your Google Ads campaigns, E-Professionals has you covered. When you work with E-Professionals, you receive direct access to professionals who know all there is to know about Google Ads. As a Google Premier Partner, we get access to all algorithm adjustments as well as beta testing the changes before they are released to the general public. We’ve worked with companies in a range of sectors all throughout Australia. You may use our services no matter where you are because we are a Brisbane-based business with a national reach. So, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, or anywhere else in Australia, if you need help with a PPC campaign, you can talk to us! To get started, we provide a free 30-minute strategy session in which we examine your current Google Ads account and recommend actual, practical improvements you can make. This gives you a sense of the skills we have to make a significant difference in your sales and conversions.

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