Conversion Optimization

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The practice of evaluating user engagement on your website is 
known as conversion rate optimization. To demonstrate 
demonstrable advantages, this involves the use of analytics 
analysis, A/B testing, design modifications, and rigorous lead tracking.
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The Intuitive Side

We've been doing this for over a decade, and while technology and user interface trends have evolved, the desire to convert as many visitors as possible hasn't.

Small changes, such as utilizing alternative pictures or changing the color and wording of call-to-action buttons, may have a significant influence on your bottom line.

Our team will test a number of different conversion enhancements as well as implement our best-practice user interface elements that we’ve seen are proven to work across industries.

A,B,T - Always Be Testing

A call-to-action, often known as a sales funnel, is designed to convert visitors into leads. It is critical to catch a user's attention "above the fold."

The area of your homepage or landing page visible to the visitor before they scroll down is referred to as above the fold. It is important to design a captivating call-to-action and visuals to catch the user's attention during the critical initial seconds they visit on your site.

The Art - Conversion Optimization

Your website is the final stage in your marketing program's bigger funnel. It is critical to have enticing buttons, text, images, and contact forms.

Everything from the timing of scrolling banners to the legibility of the messaging content is taken into account. We also make certain that there are simple ways to reach you, such as contact forms, plainly accessible phone numbers, and simple captchas.

The Science

A CTA is essentially a sales funnel with a lot going on behind the scenes. Our contact forms do more than simply send an email; they also connect to AdLuge, your comprehensive lead tracking dashboard and management solution.

As a result, your contact form will also notify AdLuge where your leads originated, allowing you to make better use of your marketing money.

Call tracking numbers are another useful tool for increasing conversion on your website. It allows you to dynamically alter the phone number on your website based on the user's location. This also helps you to determine which marketing activities are generating the most leads, allowing you to calculate a real cost-per-lead.

Frequent Questions
What is a conversion optimization?

A conversion is defined as any interaction with a customer.

Filling out a form, calling your business using the phone number provided, watching your videos, and signing up for newsletters are all examples of conversions.

How should I choose between Conversion Rate Optimization or a new website?

Conversion Rate Optimization transforms your website from an ugly site with minimal engagement with your target audience to a site that encourages user interaction on a clean, beautiful site.

If all you want to do is improve your current website, Conversion Rate Optimization is probably all you'll need.

How will I be able to tell that my optimized page is making any difference?

You'll get up-to-date information on the success of your site thanks to metric tracking solutions like Google Ads.

You'll be able to compare search and traffic statistics from your old website and your optimized page using these tools, providing strong evidence of its newly improved performance.

Will Conversion Rate Optimization bring me more traffic?

The primary goal of Conversion Rate Optimization is not to increase traffic, but to assist convert the traffic you already have.

If you want to improve visitors, match your freshly optimized site with good SEO content and a powerful PPC campaign.

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